What to do if you've had an accident:

Get witnesses

If you are in an accident, if possible obtain the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all witnesses.

Call the police

Call the police to the scene so that an investigation is conducted and evidence is preserved.

Seek medical attention

If you sustain any injuries, seek immediate medical attention.

Do not speak to insurance company adjusters or investigators

The insurance company’s goal is to minimize or eliminate your recovery.

Never give a recorded statement

Do not sign any medical authorizations or releases of claims

No matter how small or severe the accident:

Obtain a free consultation with attorney Daniel E. Goldberg as soon as possible.

In the days immediately following an accident, many important decisions will be made regarding health and  liability insurance claims processing which can significantly impact the value of your claim. For a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation, contact Attorney Goldberg at info@wibikelaw.com or call to discuss legal issues or concerns at (414) 352-0900.


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