Disturbing Cycling Video - dangerous motorists

May 27 2014 - by Daniel Goldberg

Unfortunately, this VIDEO isn't a movie trailer for Deliverance II.  It was posted by an Alabama lunatic who hates cyclists.  But you don’t need to travel to the South to find ignorant drivers.  We’ve got plenty of disturbed motorists right here in Wisconsin.  I've had more calls this year about aggressive or threatening motorists than ever before.  If you're harassed by a driver, do whatever you can to avoid confrontation.  Get the license plate number and a description of the car and driver.  Report the problem to the police.  Local municipalities will investigate and issue reckless driving charges where appropriate.  This becomes much more difficult for the police when the driver or other witnesses claim the cyclists were aggressive, offensive, or obnoxious.  Don't let it become a case of "offsetting fouls."  Staying calm may also save your life since no one knows who's in the car or what they've got with them.

It's also important to remember to ride responsibly.  There's no justification for road rage.  But riding three abreast, blowing through stop signs, tailgating cars, buzzing pedestrians, and reckless riding subjects all of us to criticism. Remember, you're representing the sport and all other riders every time you're on the road.

Newspaper article

Why you need to support the proposed Vulnerable Users legislation

December 19 2013 - by Daniel Goldberg

The Wisconsin Bicycle Federation is working to convince legislators that we need to join those states (like Illinois) which have a Vulnerable Users Law.  Why?  Here's one example:  A driver who is said to have been convicted of 13 different traffic violations since 2009 stuck a cyclist at night and fled the scene.  The cyclist died.  Prosecutors haven't announced how the driver will be charged.  But under the current law, there may not be a basis for charging the driver with anything more than another ticket.  That certainly didn't do much the first 13 times they tried that.  Please follow the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation's web site (sign up for the email list) so that you're ready to help.  More information and outstanding commentary on this tragedy here.

More info in the Appleton Post Crescent

Bike Sharing in Milwaukee is almost here!

December 4 2013 - by Daniel Goldberg

Thanks to the tireless work of Kevin Hardman, Bruce Keyes, Barry Mainwood and many others, it looks like Milwaukee is close to joining the list of progressive cities supporting a public bike sharing program.  Fewer cars, cleaner air, healthier citizens, and more fun than sitting in a car!  Way to go Milwaukee.

City Backs Bike Sharing System on JSOnline.com

Missed opportunity for an Ozaukee County mountain bike park

December 4 2013 - by Daniel Goldberg

Ozaukee County has a great opportunity to use a Wisconsin DNR grant to create a unique mountain bike trail system on land only accessible by bike or foot.  Best of all, it would be connected to the extremely popular and well traveled Ozaukee Interurban Bicycle Trail.  It'd be a great way to introduce the fun and excitment of mountain biking to families already riding past the park.  Too bad some narrow minded residents oppose it.  One way to help convince the county to do the right thing is to join the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation.  This is precisely the type of advocacy at which the Bike Fed excels.  It marshalls thousands of concerned voices in a concise, articulate, professional and pursuasive manner.  Join the Bike Fed today if you're not already a member.

County Bike Park Plan on OzaukeePress.com


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