Wisconsin Cycling Rules & Laws FAQs

Q:  How soon should I call an attorney if I am in an accident?

A: Call immediately.  You should never talk to an insurance adjuster or investigator until after consulting an attorney.  Careful planning and claim analysis in the early stages of a case play an important role in working to get you a fair recovery.

Q: Does calling an attorney require me to hire him?

A: Absolutely not.  All free consultations with attorney Daniel E. Goldberg are on a no obligation basis.  Therefore, you should always seek a legal evaluation of your rights

Q: How much are legal fees and when are they paid?

A: There is never a charge for a consultation with attorney Goldberg.  If he agrees to represent you,he will do so on a contingent fee basis.  This means that your fees will be a predetermined percentage of your recovery.  The fee arrangement will be clearly set out in a written fee agreement signed by you and attorney Goldberg.  If there is no recovery for any reason, no fees are owed.  Fees are not paid until the claim is resolved.  All fees are disclosed to and approved by the client before they are paid. There are no upfront or hidden charges.

Q: If I hire attorney Goldberg, will I pay extra for phone calls, letters, consultations, office meetings or other activity on my case?

A: No.  All legal services and fees are included in the contingent fee arrangement.  There are no extra charges for any contact with Mr. Goldberg or assistance he provides.  Clients are encouraged to call whenever they have any questions on their case or have any concerns.  Mr. Goldberg will deal directly with the insurance companies.  He handles all paperwork, claim forms, and anything else necessary to successfully resolve your claim.

Q: Are lawsuits required?

A: No.  Proper planning and effective presentation of your claim are important factors in the successful resolution of a personal injury claim.  The vast majority of cases are settled without a lawsuit being filed.  In all cases, the determination of whether to start a lawsuit is made by the client after being fully advised by attorney Goldberg.  A lawsuit is never started without the written permission of the client.

Q: What happens to the other person if I make a claim against him or her?

A: Wisconsin has a direct action statute.  This allows attorneys to bring claims against insurance  companies directly, not the person who causes the accident.  Liability insurance policies not only provide coverage for the payments made to the injured party, but also the costs of defense.  Normally, an insured person against whom a claim is made has no out of pocket expense.

Q: Who will handle my case?

A: Attorney Daniel E. Goldberg personally handles all cases he accepts.  Your case will not be assigned to an associate or handled by a paralegal.

Q: Should I call for an evaluation if I want to handle my claim myself?

A: Yes.  Depending on the nature of your injuries and damages, you may be unaware of the full extent of your legal rights, or the nature of your claim.  You are encouraged to seek a free, no obligation evaluation of your claim to make certain you are not overlooking important aspects of your case.

Q: Can I recover if the other driver had no insurance?

A: Yes.  If you have automobile insurance coverage, or are covered under someone else’s policy, you may be be able to recover medical expense, wage loss and pain and suffering even if the other driver had no insurance, and even if your health insurer fully covers your medical bills.

Q: Does my automobile insurance cover accidents when I am on my bike?

A: Most automobile policies cover you if you are injured while on a bicycle or as a pedestrian.

Q: How do I know if it is worth it to pursue my bicycle accident claim?

A: Take advantage of a free legal consultation with attorney Goldberg to consider your options and the viability of your potential claim.


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