The Holy Hill Ride

Sundays and Holidays, April to November, Atwater Park


The Holy Hill Ride is held on Sundays from April to November and runs from Atwater Park (times vary -- usually 8 or 9 am) in Shorewood via Thiensville, and Bonniwell Rd to the Hill, with essentially two options for a return trip (Hubertus-Freistadt Rds, or Monches-Donges Bay Rds). Total distance is about 77 miles. The ride has rollers, and it has hills, and there is one stop -- at Holy Hill, following the acceleration (optional) toward the church. Most Holy Hill rides occur after Superweek, but if there's not a race, they can also be held in the spring and early summer. Weather is also a factor, as most people do not enjoy riding for hours in the rain or in sub 50 degree temperatures. Pace is moderate: no hammerfest, no slouchfest. Not for beginners or even casual weekend warriors.

Everyone is welcome at Alterra at Prospect afterwards (between 12:30 and 1pm).

Important are the Four Holy Hill Principles:

  1. 1. It's a group ride.
    (It is for miles, it is for conversation, it's for relaxation. It is not a training ride. Unless there happens to be a very homogeneous group, it   probably won't be as organized as other weekly rides. This is the way it's supposed to be.)
  1. 2. Live and let live.
    (Please leave out the feedback on other people's way of riding, unless a person puts others in immediate danger or if it concerns a new person eager to learn. Go with the flow, don't try to direct it.)
  1. 3. Do try to fit in.
    (If you're relatively new to this, see if you can take cues from the way more experienced people ride, especially in pulling off/through. Be aware of the flow; try to go with it).
  1. 4. Do not follow the leader.
    (If someone goes up the road or if a person slips through a traffic situation, you're not obligated to follow -- on the contrary. Instead, the person[s] separating him/herself  from the others this way will have to wait for the rest to catch up. No need to get very anxious about getting dropped, therefore. And if a person performs a questionable maneuver, well, that's primarily on him/her. The only "leading" we need is for someone to let the others know where to turn -- even that we usually discuss ahead of time.)
  • Sundays & Holidays
  • 8:00/9:00AM
  • Atwater Park
  • Shorewood
  • 77 Miles



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